Welcome to week one of dog training!

Week # 1

  1. Charge the mark “YES” First 2 days. 100 times per day. In this exercise we are going to work in a quiet training area with our puppy. We will say the word “YES” and then treat the puppy within one half second after saying “YES”. Ideally we are marking things that we like such as eye contact, sitting, walking towards us etc. Be sure not to mark anything you do not like such as jumping.
  2. Practice food luring. Day 3 and 4. 100 times per day. Place a reward i.e. food treat in the palm of your hand then close your fingers over it. Present your hands to the dog wrist up and encourage him to touch your hand with his nose. When he does this say “YES” and then open your hand and give him the treat.
  3. Practice Focus with treats day 5 and 6. 100 times per day. Begin with your puppy standing or sitting directly in front of you. Put the treat in the palm of your hand and close your fingers over it. Put your hand by your dog’s nose and bring it up by your face a hungry dog will follow your hand with his eyes. As soon as he looks directly into your eyes say “YES” and give him the treat within one half second of saying “YES”
  4. Reward all good behavior. Be on the lookout for all behaviors you would like to see again. For example, each time the dog is calmly sitting or laying down, praise and treat him. Ignoring good behavior teaches the dog it is not rewarding to be calm!
  5. Remember to bring training equipment to the next class.

Very important; Treats are given this week for everything good or right that your dog does. ALL unwanted behavior should be ignored.