Welcome to week two of dog training!

Week # 2
  1. Continue to practice luring/marker training. Add food lure with dog in heel position. 60 times per day. Food lure the dog into the heel position (i.e. sitting directly beside you
    on your left). Once the dog is in the heel position, practice luring him into focus behavior by placing your baited hand at the end of his nose until he shows interest, then quickly move your hand upward toward his face. A hungry dog will follow your hand with his eyes. Once the dog makes direct eye contact, say “good” and then give him the treat and release him with “YES”.
  2. Introduce the running-come game. Use treats and lots of praise. 10 minutes per day. - Stand directly in front of the dog and present your baited fist to the dog at nose level. With the
    dogʼs nose attached to your baited hand, begin slowly backing up. The dogʼs nose will either stay attached to your hand or fall away as you are backing up. Encourage the dog to keep up or catch up with verbal praise. Slow down if necessary to keep the dog interested or attached. Just before the dog catches your hand, say “come” and encourage the dog to touch your baited hand. When he does, say “YES” and then give the dog the food treat.
3.ContinuetopracticeFocus.60timesperday. Continuetopracticefocuswiththedogsitting directly in front of you. Add the good cue to reinforce longer focus (1 to 2 second delay but not exceeding 5 seconds). Then say “YES” to break the focus. If your puppy looks away or breaks the focus say “uh-uh” or “no” and then repeat the exercise for a shorter period of time.
  1. Loose leash walking (Letʼs Go) 10 minutes per day. Put the dog on a 6-foot leash. Place a reward on the palm of your left hand and close your fingers over it. Let your dog know you have a reward. With the dog on your left side begin practicing the loose leash exercises. Remember to abruptly stopped walking or turn in the opposite direction the instant the dog begins to walk ahead of you. Remember to praise him when he is not walking ahead of you.
  2. Introduce Sit Cue 60 times per day. Place a reward in the palm of your hand and close your fingers over it. Place your hand directly in front of your dogʼs nose. Slowly begin to move your hand up and over the top of the dogʼs head. A hungry dog will follow your hand movement. This movement will cause the dog to sit. As the dog is going into this position say “YES” followed by a food treat.
  3. Introduce Informal Down Cue 10 times per day. Reward dog whenever he is lying down and put the treat in between his front feet. Place a comfortable mat in the assigned area and give the dog treats, praise, attention and chew toys whenever he is lying there. The dog may have to be tied up to keep him from getting up. Never leave the dog there unattended!
Remember we always want to set our puppies up for success in training not failure. If your pup is having a hard time, breakup the exercise into easier steps.