Welcome to week three of dog training!

Week # 3
  1. Continue to practice luring/marker in heel. Add the Heel cue. 10 minutes per day. Begin to say “Heel” while food luring the dog into the heel position once you are certain he will follow the food lure. Begin to wean the dog off food rewards.
  2. Come with lots of praise. 10 minutes per day. - Practice come on the 6-foot leash while running backwards, exactly the same as last week. Begin to practice around mild distractions IE in a different room or with a family member sitting quietly in the room. Make this exercise the most fun. Give the dog treats and praise 100% of the time.
  3. Focus with treats. 60 times per day. Practice the focus cue. With the dog in the heel position about 30 times per day. Practice the focus cue with the dog sitting directly in front of you about 30 times per day as well. Continue to wean the dog off food rewards.
4.Looseleashwalking(LetʼsGo)10minutesperday. Placearewardinthepalmofyour hand and closing your fingers over it. Let your dog know you have a reward and start walking saying “letʼs go”. Remember to praise him when he is not pulling or walking ahead of you. Begin to wean the dog off food rewards.
  1. Sit with Cue before action 60 times per day. Tell the dog to “sit”. If he does, say “yes” followed by lots of treats and praise. If he doesnʼt sit immediately, turn away from the dog. Try again. If he still doesnʼt sit immediately, he probably needs more shaping. Food lure him a few more times and then try again. After a few food lures, the dog should automatically sit when given the sit cue without having to be lured.
  2. Introduce Down Cue 60 times per day. Place a reward into the palm of your hand and close your fingers over it. Place your hand directly in front of your dogʼs nose. Slowly moving your hand straight down from the nose to the ground. A hungry dog will follow your baited hand to the ground. When your dogʼs elbows are on the floor say “yes” and reward him with treats and praise. After you are certain the dog will follow the food lure to the ground, you may begin adding the word down as he is going into position.
  3. Introduce Sit-stay Cue 5 minutes per day. With the dog in the sitting position and focused on you, say “stay”. Silently count to five and then release with “yes”. Practice the stay cue, gradually increasing the length of time from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
  4. Desensitize dog to 30-foot training lead 20 minutes per day. Have the dog drag around the 30-foot training lead for approximately 20 minutes every day (10 minutes inside the house and 10 minutes in the yard). Ignore the dog while he is dragging the lead but monitor him at all times for safety.
Remember we always want to set our puppies up for success in training not failure. If your pup is having a hard time, breakup the exercise into easier steps.