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Dog Walking

Tired of running home during your lunch break to let the dog out? Do you work long hours only to find your dog's back teeth are floating when you get home? Does your puppy get into trouble when it's left alone and bored all day?

Why not have one of our professional dog walkers take your dog for a walk on a leash to the park. How about a game of fetch in the backyard while you're at work or just out and about? Your furry friend is visited by the same primary pet care provider every day, so they develop a relationship with their 203 Pet Service team member!

Your Canine will enjoy:
∞Plenty of playtime and exercise
∞ Fresh water in a clean bowl
∞ Dog treats at your discretion.
∞ Snuggles, cuddles, and TLC.
∞ Reinforcement of your training techniques and housebreaking instructions.
∞Notification via our app and or email when your pet's walk is complete. You'll get a detailed journal entry with pictures, for every visit your 203 Pet Service dog walker provides.

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Cat Sitting

203 Pet Service, understands your home is your kitty's castle. There is no place like home to your cat, and its comfort is our top priority. Cats are creatures of habit, so your feline's usual routine is essential to your professional cat sitter. Your pet profile will include all of your cat's details, so your kitty will not be stressed by changes to the daily routine. You can customize your visits to include:

∞ Where does your cat prefer to eat?
∞ What time of day is your kitty usually fed?
∞ Where does your kitten prefer to sleep?
∞Is your feline a social butterfly or a solitary observer?
∞What are your cat's favorite toys?
∞Where do they like to hide?
∞Do they prefer to drink from a running faucet or a bowl?

We let your kitty dictate the course of our cat sits. If your kitten wants to play, our professional cat sitters are happy to oblige. Our 203 Pet Service employees can read your cat's body language if they want to be left alone, and we will respect their wishes. Our app and online client portal allows you to update your pet's care information at any time in case your kitten decides belly rubs are now off-limits.

Customize Your Visits:
∞ Feeding and fresh water including washing bowls at each visit.
∞ Playtime
∞ Litter box scooping/cleaning
∞ Medication if needed
∞ Petting, brushing, snuggling
∞ Mail, newspaper, and package retrieval
∞ Light plant care
∞ Taking out the trash for trash day, and bringing cans in the next day.
∞ Switching lights on and off to make the house look occupied.

Our native app allows our professional cat sitter to notify you and check-in with real-time updates with a detailed journal entry with pictures of your kitties for every visit. You will receive updates immediately via your app notifications or email after each visit.

Overnight visits available upon request.

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Pet Sitting

If you're going away and don't want your pet in a kennel, we can provide multiple visits on the days you are away. Your dog is in the familiar environment of its own home, causing less stress than being boarded. We can completely customize your pet sitting visits to include: your feeding instructions, medication, walks, backyard exercise, potty breaks etc. We can bring in the mail, newspaper, packages, light plant care. With our native app, our professional dog sitter can notify you and check-in with real-time updates with a detailed journal entry with pictures of your pups for every visit. You will receive updates immediately via your app notifications or email after every visit.

∞ Feeding and fresh water in clean bowls.
∞ Playtime
∞ Litter box scooping/cleaning
∞ Medication if needed
∞ Petting, brushing, or snuggling
∞ Taking out the trash for trash day, and bringing cans in the next day.
∞ Switching lights on and off to make the house look occupied.

203 Pet Service, Pet Care Professionals are chosen from the most devoted of animal lovers and carefully screened, drug and background checked. Our professional employees are insured, certified in pet first aid & CPR, and covered by workman's compensation for their safety.

Overnight visits are available upon request.

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Dog Training

In-Home Private Dog Training We can customize your training sessions to teach you how to train your dog. We are balanced dog trainers and prefer to use positive reinforcement. Think of training as teaching and playing games with your dog. This method will make you, and your dog teammates, which will help increase your bond with your dog or puppy. Basic training goes over sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, and more!

Items You Will Need for Training:

1. Your dog
2. Six-foot leash (no retractable leashes)
3. Snap or buckle collar
4. Soft Treats (broken into tiny pieces)
5. Treat bar or pouch for your treats

We also offer a group class at the Easton Community Center:
The course runs for six weeks and is 1 hour long Monday Nights at 6:15 pm. Call the E.C.C. at (203) 459-9700 for the class schedule and to reserve your spot in class now!

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Pet First Aid & CPR Classes

203 Pet Service is proud to offer Pet First Aid & CPR classes to our staff as continuing education, as well as to pet owners and pet care professionals.

The First Aid and CPR class for your pet is a four hour class with certification. In the course you will learn pet first aid, CPR, restraining and muzzling, rescue breathing, choking management, bleeding protocols, poisoning, fractures, insect bites, frostbite, heat stroke, burns, seizures, And the snout-to-tail assessment. Classes do fill up quickly when offered.

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Pet First Aid & CPR Classes


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Pet Transport

203 Pet Service makes moving your pet a breeze! We can transport your pet locally or nationwide.

Pick up and delivery to or from:
Airports (JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia)
Your home and or anywhere you need your pet to go.

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Yard Poop Pick up & Catbox Service

Poop Pick Up & Catbox service Let's face it if you have a dog in your fenced in yard there is always going to be poop that needs to be cleaned up. If you have a cat, I can guarantee that you have at least one box of cat poop in your house. For health reasons, pregnant women should never clean the cat box.

If you are a client of 203 Pet Service, we can offer yard poop pick up and or cat box scooping as an add on service for a small fee during your scheduled visit.

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